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IHR studied dozens of online egg donor databases and incorporated the very best features to develop our Hosted Egg Donor Database. The IHR Database will help you showcase your egg donors so that prospective recipients will want to select your donors.  This page discusses Features and Benefits. All of the following features and benefits also apply to IHR's new Surrogate Database.


1. Two Levels of Controlled User Access

You can control how much donor information prospective recipients can view without a password, as follows:

Access Level Explanation
Moderate Access Anyone can view your tabular display of donors. However, they must get a password from you if they want to view the donor details. This is the recommended level of access.
Restricted Access No one can view your tabular display of donors or donor details, unless they get a password from you.

2. Two Levels of Donor Information

You can offer prospective recipients increasing amounts of donor information. There is a different monthly charge for each level of service:

Two Service Levels Explanation and Example
1. Tabular display
    + donor details
  1. Click here
  2. Click on any Donor ID
  3. Now enter "1" in the User and Password fields.

You would assign a password to a user and then they would be able to click on a Donor ID to see the donor's detailed information, including a photo gallery.

2. Tabular display
    + donor details
    + file download
  1. Click here
  2. Click on a Donor ID #1711
  3. Enter "1" in the User and Password fields
  4. Now scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Sarah Donor Profile" to launch a demo PDF file.

Your recipients will also be able to download donor files (e.g., PDF file of the donors handwritten answers to your 20-page questionnaire).

3. Display Lots of Donor Information, If You Wish

  • Text information - e.g., race, height, weight, eye color, SAT and ACT scores
  • Photos - e.g., five photos of a donor, viewable in a photo gallery
  • Donor files - Upload lots of donor files which Internet users can download and review. For example, provide an Excel spreadsheet of a donor's family medical history and a PDF file of their answers to your 20-page questionnaire.

4. Easy Administration

You enter and update donor information in your Administrative Panel.

  • Add a new donor in less than two minutes, with the easy to use, drop-down fields.
  • Change a donor's Status from "available" to "in cycle" in a few seconds.
  • Any change you make is instantly displayed on the Internet. You don't need to wait.

5. Customizable

You can do all of the following to customize your donor display and donor information:

  • Select one of the following color themes, so that the colors can complement your website look-and-feel - blue, grey, pink, and tan. Actual color scheme examples.
  • Show photos of your donors or do not show photos. Show adult photos or only show baby photos.
  • Allow moderate access or restricted access to donor information. See "Controlled User Access" above.

6. Additional Features

IHR continues to add new features with each of our database releases.


1. Increase customer service and selection of your donors

Today, many prospective recipients want, and expect to find, a selection of online donors, rather than go into your office and look through your hardcopy profiles. Prospective recipients will be more motivated to select your displayed donors because they can:

  • easily search through the database to find the type of donor they are looking for
  • view lots of a donor's photos which help them connect with that donor
  • view lots of detailed donor information
  • view the donors in an attractive displayed

2. Reduce your staff time and expenses

  • You don't have to hire a programmer to build and maintain a donor database, thus dramatically reducing your costs to display your donors online. You would typically pay a programmer thousands of dollars for this type of feature-rich database. IHR maintains the database and does all the work for you.
  • Egg donor data is easy to add, reducing your staff time.
  • You can distribute donor information electronically. You won't have to photocopy and mail donor packets.
  • Recipients can look online to see if you have new donors or if a donor becomes available for them. They no longer need to continually call your office to get the latest information.


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