IHR Website Hosting Advantages

If you were to use a typical website hosting company, you'd be among their many thousands of hosting clients. And typically you'd also have a website developer. Then you might have a third person, or company, who'd help you promote your website on the Internet. Coordination can become a serious problem.

It's different with IHR. We don't offer pure hosting - thousands of companies offer that. They're a dime a dozen. Instead, we provide a package of hosting services which allows you to meet your business goals for your fertility organization. This package ensures that your website receives the proper care and promotion.  Our goal is to make your life easier and your website more effective.

Here are some advantages of our website hosting*:

1) We promote your fertility practice

Most websites get built without a plan or method to promote the site. In contrast, the IHR hosting/promotion package offers you:

  • One free 25-word promotional listing on IHR.com - this listing will drive highly-qualified traffic to your website. Read more.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) - You don't need to hire a separate vendor to help you with your SEO.  IHR has helped dozens of our clients get their websites listed higher in the search engines. (Note that there is additional labor charge for SEO services.)

2) We provide ongoing website maintenance and consultation

After a fertility organization has built a website, there is a need for ongoing maintenance. We've heard of situations when the website developer is no longer available because he/she:

  • Cannot be found, has gone out of business, or moved on to another job or career.
  • Is not interested in ongoing maintenance - small changes are irksome and that type of work is not profitable.

In contrast, IHR offers ongoing maintenance and consultation:

  • We can maintain your site - When we host your site, we also maintain your site. We've been doing development, hosting and maintenance for over 15 years. We typically respond to client emails within a couple of hours, and can complete any small update project within a day or so. Read more.
  • Or, you can maintain your site - With our Advance Website Services, you can save on labor costs, and make a small change in two minutes.
  • We provide ongoing consultation - But whichever option you choose, we are always available for consultation for your fertility website. Here are some examples of questions we've answered - "What are some additional domain names I can get?", "How do I point new domain names to my website?", "Does it make sense to develop a second website for a new service?", "How can we increase our current promotion to get more traffic?"

Here's another simple example of how we helped a client: The customer accidentally printed the wrong Domain Name in a mass printing of their newsletter. IHR came to the rescue by quickly registering that Domain Name which was printed in their newsletter with the result that the client didn't lose any traffic.

3) We provide Advanced Website Services

All of our hosting is done on servers which provide advanced services. This allows you to start with content management and then expand, if you wish, into other features, such as: a blog, a membership area, online forms, collaborative authoring (you can have multiple contributors, each with his/her own permissions to update certain sections of the website), newsletter, newsfeeds, photo gallery, shopping cart, Facebook integration, etc.

So, you might ask if your prospective hosting company offers advanced website services, including a content management system where you can update your own website.

IHR can also host your videos. We work with some partners who are experts in website videos and animated images (e.g. Flash animation). You do not need to find video experts. Read more.

4) We are your single point of contact

IHR does the work necessary to host, maintain, and promote your website. We work with website designers, video experts, programmers, and Flash animation experts. You don't have to hire separate vendors. You'll receive only one invoice and there won't be disagreements between vendors or "dropping the ball" between vendors.

5) We provide website reporting to help you understand your website

We've spent considerable time and money in developing helpful online website statistics reports for our clients. These reports can tell you, for example, who's sending you traffic, what keywords users are using to find your website, and their most popular pages. Read more.

Additionally, we help clients set up the popular, and effective, Google Analytics reporting.

*  Please note that IHR only offers the above services/advantages to clients whose websites we host.

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