"We Plan to Build Our Own Egg Donor Database"

"So why should we use the IHR Hosted Egg Donor Database?"

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If you're considering building your own egg donor database, reading this page may save you lots of time, money, and trouble. Owning your own database may have the following advantages....however the reality may be different than the initial hope:

  • You will own the final product - But, so what if you own a database? It's not an asset that you can sell. Building your own database can be a huge time and money drain when you're not in the database business.
  • It is wonderful if you can have a database application built to your specifications for your business. However, IHR knows of many databases that did not get built correctly (e.g., incomplete specifications) or did not get completed (e.g., programmer left or got involved with other projects).

Building your own database application can be a very difficult process
 filled with lots of potential, and unforeseen, problems.

Basically you want functionality. And to get that functionality, you can use a "hosted database application," which can:

  • Save you lots of time, money, and headaches.
  • Provide effective, bug-free functionality.
  • Provides a fast solution that allows you to be competitive today (rather than wait for completion of a database).

Hosted applications represent solutions that are now very common, and growing, on the Internet. Here are some examples in the infertility industry:

  • ASRM / NPG Message Boards - This is a "hosted message board" is actually owned and operated by a company called Groupie. It resides on the Groupie server.
  • ASRM Store - This store is actually hosted and operated by Yahoo Stores. It resides on the Yahoo server.
  • ASRM Career Center - this application is owned and operated by JobTarget. It resides on the JobTarget server.

If you're still not convinced of the value of using a hosted solution, the following detailed comparison table may help to save you a lot of time, money, and trouble. Feel free to contact IHR if you have any questions.

Question Build Your Own Database Use IHR Hosted Egg Donor Database
1. What do we need to do to develop our own database? Here are some of the steps:
  • develop specifications
  • locate programmers
  • send out proposal for quotes
  • hire a programmer
  • ensure that the programmer knows what you want
  • regularly communicate with the programmer as they code the application and database
  • test and fix problems from the programmer's coding
  • test again, etc. This test and fix cycle can occur many many times.
  • deal with contract programmer who gets other priorities during the project.
The IHR database is ready for you to use today.
2. How do I write database specifications? Here are some of the steps:
  • Study numerous online egg donor databases
  • Develop specifications that are clear and that the programmer can use to develop the backend database and front-end application.
  • Need to ensure that all the functionality is well thought out ahead of time. It is much more expensive to fix code later in the process than earlier in the process.
  • If you don't have experience in writing detailed specifications, this can be a difficult process.
  • It is much more difficult for the programmer to integrate new functionality that was not initially in the plan.
IHR has already studies dozens of online egg donor databases to develop a database that is:
3. How long will it take to develop our own database? Typically six months to a year. The IHR database is ready for you to use today.
4. How much staff time will it take? You should assign a devoted staff person to this project, expecting to spend a few hours per week on it. Zero staff time. IHR has already built it.
5. What will it cost? You can spend $3000 to $6000 for a typical egg donor database. There is no charge to build the database. It's already built. You would pay only a small monthly service charge.
6. What if there are bugs in the donor database? You will pay the programmer to fix bugs. IHR fixes bugs for free.
7. How will I enhance the database? You will pay the programmer to enhance your database. IHR knows of numerous agencies that have simply not fixed their donor databases because perhaps the original programmer is gone or the cost is too high. IHR enhancements are free.
8. What if I don't like the final database? You are stuck with your huge investment of time and money, unless you want to start again. You can walk away from the IHR database any time it's not working for you, with no loss of investment.


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